secret santa headcanons (modern au):

JEAN GOT EREN AND HE’S SO PISSED HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT TO GET THIS KID. He asks Armin for ideas but Armin is waaaaaaay too amused at the situation to help out and tells Jean to try his best and figure it out! After much thought he decides to get him a stress ball as a gag gift, and then gets him a giftcard for a free game of paintball, which turns out to be a really great gift so when Eren tries to guess who his secret santa is HE PICKS JEAN LAST HE NEVER EXPECTED THIS FROM JEAN lmao

EREN GETS JEAN HAHA THEY GET EACH OTHER and like Jean he goes to Armin asking what he should get him because he has no idea and Armin doesn’t help, so Eren has to figure it out on his own and he ends up getting Jean a gag gift of thirft store jeans and then for the real gift, some headphones so that he doesn’t have to hear his outbursts at work. it’s actually pretty thoughtful Jean’s impressed. Especially since he guesses like, 4 other people before Eren goes “IT WAS ME I WAS YOUR SECRET SANTA!”

Connie is Levi’s secret santa and everyone makes fun of him like “haha you got the boss sucks for you.” but in the end Connie ends up giving Levi a handmade holiday tie and it’s so UGLY and just covered in glitter and snowflakes and paint and when Levi opens it he knows it’s from Connie, EVERYONE IN THE ROOM KNOWS IT’S FROM CONNIE and people are really shocked like Levi would never wear this but he’s not one to show emotion so he says “thank you” and he pUTS IT ON AND WEARS IT AWWWW LEVI

Armin is Hanji’s secret santa and he gives her a Christmas sweater that has the 67th element on the periodic table three times so it says “HO HO HO” and Hanji has hearts in her eyes she loves it and of course she knows it’s from Armin because he’s the only one who’s ever looked at a periodic table of elements beside her.

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that kid is the embodiment of 2013